Alkemy X’s Haunting “The Plastic Ocean” PSA for Sea Shepherd

Priya PR Animation, News

International non-profit marine conservation organization Sea Shepherd recently launched an awareness campaign to bring attention to the overwhelming plastic pollution of the ocean. Directed by Alkemy X‘s Geoff Bailey, “Stop The Plastic Ocean” is a fully CG-animated and heart-wrenching depiction of how plastic debris traumatically affects our marine wildlife, revealing that every year more than 1 million animals die from these man-made pollutants.

Various sea animals, including a dolphin and a shark, try to break through the surface of a plastic sea but to no avail.

The campaign was created in partnership with agency FF New York.

The spot was Shoot’s “Top Spot of the Week,” and was also featured in Adweek, Creativity, and Dexigner.