BigStar Soars with Iconic “Game of Thrones” Teaser

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The highly anticipated third season of “Game of Thrones” premieres on March 31st — and HBO tapped creative strategy and production company BigStar to create a promo teaser with the show’€™s iconic raven of Westeros ominously soaring through contemporary real-world environments. Featuring the theme “Their World Returns to Ours,” the “City Raven” promo hit more than 1.5 million views on YouTube in its first week.

This go-around, HBO wanted to radically shift direction to something more in the realm of cinéma vérité. BigStar decided to revisit the raven as an icon for the show and use it in a more modern context. Without being able to travel to HBO’s desired shoot locations, they recreated them using stock footage, still photography, 3D and compositing. BigStar also shot slow motion footage of the raven on greenscreen using a Phantom camera. The challenge was compositing the raven with the right orientation to make it look realistic and feel seamless transitioning between scenes.

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