CNN Partners with Compadre for 2020 Election Package

Priya PR Design, Motion Graphics, Network Branding, News

For its 2020 election coverage, CNN recently turned to creative marketing agency Compadre to develop a promotional system that would simplify the election landscape for viewers, as well as the graphic tools for CNN’s internal teams to easily adapt and implement over the next 15 months. 

The package premiered during the lead-up to the first Democratic debate and will continue to roll-out through election night 2020.

With more events, candidates, and coverage than ever before, this election cycle required a package that could contain the flow of information without losing sight of the real issues. As such, the creative was inspired by the concept, “Highlight,” which utilizes graphics to bring focus to the subjects that are most important to viewers. The package prioritizes expediency, customization, and adaptability while evolving across the 2020 election cycle.

For a deeper dive into Compadre’s process, see the case study.

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