COPILOT’s Alternate Universe Music for “Wolfenstein: The New Order”

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COPILOT Music + Sound recently worked on an ambitious original music project for Bethesda’s new video game Wolfenstein: The New Order. The upcoming first-person shooter is set in an alternate 1960s where the Nazis won WWII. In this Gestapo-run world, there’s a familiar ’60s sound, which also provided the backbeat to a larger marketing campaign by Bethesda and its agency AKQA (DC).

The result was the creation of Neumond Recordings, a fictional record label with an entire roster of fictional artists and their hit music – the majority of which was written and produced by COPILOT Music + Sound, led by Partners Ravi Krishnaswami and Jason Menkes. COPILOT’s seven original songs span the moods and sounds of the rock & roll’s golden age, including innocent mop top pop, sitar-tinged pyschedelia, guy/girl ballads, folk and street corner vocal groups.

Bethesda created a mock infomercial advertising the label’s greatest hits collection:

The full versions of all eight original songs can be heard here:

The songs will appear in gameplay trailers, be streamed on, get pressed onto collector’s edition 45s and ultimately, populate the game world in places where popular music might be heard, such as car radios and jukeboxes. A band will also be performing the songs live at the Bethesda’s Wolfenstein-themed event during the PAX East conference in Boston this month.

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