Hooligan Dispatches: Celebrate the Golden Age of Documentaries at DOC NYC

Priya PR Entertainment, Filmmaking

Here’s a recent excerpt from a post by Hooligan Editor Alejandro Delgado on the company blog, “Dispatches.”

Encompassing compelling stories, characters, and the magic of cinema, it’s no wonder documentary storytelling is surging into the mainstream and captivating audiences like never before. From feature-length Oscar winners like “Free Solo” to binge-worthy series like “Making a Murder,” streaming entertainment giants like Netflix are doubling down on making documentary storytelling a premium alternative to scripted content. Brands and marketers are also adopting documentary storytelling to reach consumers with great success.  It all adds up to what many are calling the Golden Age of Documentaries. And what better way to celebrate this cultural phenomenon than in a cozy theater right here in New York City at DOC NYC – America’s largest documentary film festival. 

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