Nathaniel Howe Studios Moves PBS Brand Into The Future With New On-Air Look

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Nathaniel Howe Studios (NHS) recently partnered with PBS and global creative consultancy Lippincott to create a new on-air graphics package to coincide with the iconic American public broadcaster’s revitalized identity, which includes a refreshed logo, bolder color palette, and custom typeface. The new on-air look for PBS will roll out throughout 2020 as the network celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Looking to better connect with viewers in the digital age, PBS brought on Nathaniel Howe Studios to translate its new identity for modern screens while providing brand coherency at both the national and local levels with its 300+ member stations.

NHS Founder/Executive Creative Director Nate Howe speaks in-depth about this monumental brand strategy & design process with Promax’s Daily Brief. You can also read more in LA Egotist and LBB.