Post Magazine Gets in the Cockpit with COPILOT

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(L-R): Ravi Krishnaswami & Jason Menkes

For more than two decades, Post Magazine has been the entertainment industry’s go-to source for postproduction news and trends. For its Open House feature, Post recently took a behind-the-scenes look at COPILOT Strategic Music + Sound in New York. Founded in 2008 by Jason Menkes and Ravi Krishnaswami, the company specializes in music and sound design for advertising, TV, interactive and corporations. The feature offers an in-depth look at COPILOT and its recent projects, such as their chilling rendition of the “The Drunken Sailor” sea shanty for the Dishonored videogame trailer. Menkes and Krishnaswami also share their creative philosophies and strategies behind creating sound & music for a myriad of entertainment sectors.