ROOF Studio Takes Viewers On A Psychedelic Visual Trip In New Empire of the Sun Music Video

Priya PR Animation, Design, Motion Graphics, Music Video

ROOF Studio (ROOF) recently partnered with Australian electronic music duo Empire of the Sun on its music video for “High and Low,” a gorgeous, surreal visual journey into a psychedelic trip, which captures the song’s euphoric celebration of the innocence and boldness of youth.

The lead single from the band’s upcoming “Two Vines” LP, “High and Low” follows the storyline of a small group of people, as they are guided by a Shaman into the forest to indulge in the experience of mind-changing substances. Using a mix of live-action and fantastical CG animation, the film weaves together two worlds, which represent the all-encompassing psychedelic experience, and of which Empire of the Sun members serve as the “emperors.”

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