We Are Royale CD Loren Judah On How AR Will Alter Future Realities

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In a series of articles for Little Black Book, We Are Royale Creative Director Loren Judah dives into AR, VR and MR (mixed reality) and how they will alter future realities. In Part 1, he introduces the idea of an alternate reality layered over our own. Our virtual space is merging with the physical environment and with it, a whole new medium is beginning to take shape. What will our connected culture look like when we define ourselves from the mixed realities we create?

In Part 2, he takes a deeper dive into what those creative executions may look like and how location persistency might enable the next great land rush in mixed reality. Location persistency will introduce an ability to place a virtual object in a location and have it remain there not just for you, but everyone else as well. What will future content look like? Will it bring us together more or cocoon us into a false reality of our own making?